Category: Scrubbers
Manufacturer: Fiorentini show products

Ride On.


Effective working width mm 1150
Max output per hour mq/h 8050
Max working autonomy h /
Gas Diesel tank   20
Solution tank capacity L 220
Recovery tank capacity L 220
Waste container   210
Scrubbing path with side brushes mm 1450
Filtering service 6
Drive   1 Hydraulic motor
Travel speed Km/h 6
Max slope % 10
Vacuum mBr 176
Brush head pressure kg 180
Noise level dB 75
Turning circle mm 1900
Motor power   Gas/Diesel/GPL 28cv 20, 5kw
Washing suction motor   2x 36v 500w
Suction motor   1x 36v 350w 3500rpm
Brush motor   3x OMM 80 idra.
Filter shaker motor   1x 36v 4.3° 7000rpm
Drive motor   idraulic GLT 400
Power supply   /
Battery   /
Length mm 2100
Brush length mm 1200
Brush diameter mm 3x 380
Height with roll bar mm 1850
Height without roll bar mm 1420
Central brush mm 300x850
Lateral brush mm 2x 550
Squeegee mm 1350
Empty machine weight kg 980
Battery weight Kg /


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